Efficiency, quality and excellent service

HOHMANN Holzindustrie e.K. is a high-performance German manufacturer of plywood boards and offers its customers best quality products and excellent service.

Formed in 1996, the company’s activities were initially limited to selling cut wood. Then and now the company is managed by Wolfgang Hohmann. However, the growing demand for plywood boards and extensive investments allowed the company to rapidly expand its range of products and grow its production facilities substantially. As a result, we now have two spacious production halls with a modern fleet of machinery, several air-conditioned warehouses, extensive drying capacity and a generously sized cut wood store.

Our customers mostly stem from the stair-building and furniture industries, and we can currently provide them with up to 30 m³ of plywood boards per day. Our broad range of top-quality products, our dedication to delivery dates and fair prices make it possible for our customers to practically discontinue their own sawn timber cutting, and thus substantially reduce their production costs.

HOHMANN Holzindustrie e.K. offers:

  • hands-on specialist knowledge of wood and wood materials
  • competent, specialist advice and customer support
  • a broad product range
  • major flexibility
  • Security from product liability insurance
  • an extensive warehouse program with customer-oriented logistics competence
  • a pricing policy in line with the market

Or to put it briefly: the goods you have ordered right on time in the correct quantity, with excellent quality at a fair price and in the right place!